Classic Lash Extensions


Application of 1 single individual eyelash extension is delicately applied to 1 natural eyelash.
These eyelash extensions are made from PBT Korean silk to provide you with a super
glossy, super black and super fluffy set of lashes. 0.18’s are perfect for creating anything
from a subtle natural look to a glamorous strip lash like look.

Infill options:

1hour Infill- £30
45minute Infill- £25
30minute Infill- £19

Russian Volume Lashes


These extremely soft and flexible Korean Silk lashes are made from the highest quality PBT
Fibre (PolyButylene Terephthalate) and are fast fanning with a glossy finish. 3-7 lashes can
be picked up, easily fanned and applied to one natural lash- creating a full and fluffy look.
Textures can be added in with different curls and thicknesses.

Infill options:

1 hour 30min Infill- £40
1 hour Infill- £35

Hybrid Lash Extensions


Hybrid lashes- These are 50% of your natural lashes covered with Classic Lashes (1:1) and
50% of your natural lashes covered with Russian Lashes (4-7:1).

Infill options:

45minute Infill- £30
1hour 15minute Infill- £35

Lash Extension Removal

£5 – £10

This is a full and safe removal of any current lash extensions already on your natural lashes.
A solution is used to break down the glue and the extensions will slide off from your natural lash, causing no damage. This treatment is £5 for clients who have had their extensions applied at Gemini’s Beauty and £10 from clients from other salons/lash technicians.

Lash Lift


A 3 step treatment that will give your natural lashes the permanent lift and curl you’ve always
wanted/needed. The curl will last 8-10weeks and will drop out with your natural lash cycle.
You can wear mascara and eye makeup post treatment.

Eyebrow Definition


Eyebrow Definition is a brow treatment used to shape and define eyebrows. We measure your facial structure to determine the best brow shape for you, we then use a tint that tints the skin as well as the brow hair, then we shape the brows using wax and tweezers and finally set all of this into place with some eyebrow products. Throughout this process you will be shown your brows so you have full control over the colours and thickness.

Eyelash Tint


A coloured tint is used to colour the top and bottom natural lashes to add depth.
Colours available:
Blue Black (most popular)
Natural Brown
Light Brown

Eyebrow Tint


A coloured tint is used to colour eyebrow hairs, catching any small hairs/fluff. This adds colour and shape to the brows.
Colours available:
Blue Black (most popular)
Natural Brown
Light Brown

Eyebrow Wax


Warm wax is applied over any unwanted hair and removed with a wax strip. This treatment
is used to shape and tame eyebrows.
★ Eyebrow Wax & Tint Booked together- save £2 ★