GEMINI Cleansing Brushes


Every lash dolls MUST HAVE. Soft & delicate to touch, yet designed to get the job done to eliminate any yukiness in those beautiful lashes. Helps to open up those fans for your full and fluffy looks.


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Our stunning pink & gold lash cleanser brushes are every lash dolls MUST HAVE. Whether you do lashes for a living or are a lash wearer this product is for you!

This beautiful brush is soft & delicate to touch, yet was designed to get the job done!
You can use this even if you’ve don’t have lash extensions on just to give your lashes a deep cleanse & to help remove make up, oils, dirt and residue.

In order to obtain maximum retention, lash cleansing is vital. By keeping lashes clean it also keeps them hygienic which it important to prevent eye infections etc.

1 piece.

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  • If product is out of stock please ring salon / instagram message to see when stock will be arriving to avoid disappointment.


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