Why YOU should train on EYELASH EXTENSIONS to earn £40k+ per year…

In 2025, the eyelash extension industry is estimated to be worth around $1.6bn in the US (Grand view research Inc, 2019) however, in 2018, the UK eyelash extension industry already contributed £28.4bn to the UK economy! (BBC, 2019). Although the US is around 40 times bigger than the UK (My life elsewhere, 2020), the eyelash industry within the UK has an exceptionally higher earning potential than the US!


Fitzpatrick, M. (2017) explains that eyelash extensions make her feel like a princess and Lavishlashes (2016) supports this feeling by highlighting that by getting eyelash extensions ‘you will look and feel better’. In 2020, Adam, A. (2020) conducted a study whereby photographs of women and men (models) were altered and shown to an audience, where their ‘attractiveness (Studies 1–3), perceived age (Studies 1–3), perceived health (Studies 2 and 3), and femininity (Study 3)’ were rated between 1-10. The changing variable in this study was the length of the models’ eyelashes. Adam, A (2020) unveiled that ‘women, but not men, are seen as more attractive with longer eyelashes; that perceptions of health and femininity also increase with eyelash length; and that older women, rather than younger women, benefit the most from enhanced eyelashes—but that longer eyelashes did not reduce perceptions of age’.


The results of this study demonstrates why the eyelash extension treatment is highly desired and sought after in the UK- because, us women, want to look, feel and be perceived as ‘more beautiful’. 


According to Countrymeters (2020), as of May 24th 2020 the UK population was at 66,740,172 of which 33,877,756 were women! Over 50% of the UK population are WOMEN!!! This shows that there is a HUGE market for eyelash extensions for women alone, however; were you aware that men are also indulging in eyelash extensions? Referring to them as ‘Guylashes’! Expanding your audience wider!


Classic lashes:Application of 1 single individual eyelash extension is delicately applied to 1 natural eyelash.’ (Gemini’s Beauty, 2020). These usually take around 1.5hours to apply and cost on average £45-55 in the UK. Infills range from 30minutes (£19) – 1 hour (£30).


Hybrid lashes: ‘These are 50% of your natural lashes covered with Classic Lashes (1:1) and50% of your natural lashes covered with Russian Lashes (4-7:1)’ (Gemini’s Beauty, 2020). These usually take around 2 hours to complete and on average cost £55-65, in the UK. Infills range from 45 minutes (£30) – 1 hour 30 (£35).


Russian lashes: 

‘3-7 lashes can be picked up, easily fanned and applied to one natural lash- creating a full and fluffy look.’ (Gemini’s Beauty, 2020). These usually take around 3 hours to complete and cost on average £75-90 in the UK. Infills range from 1 hour (£35) – 1 hour 30 minutes (£40).


Earning potential in the UK based on Gemini’s Beauty prices:


Say you work from 9am-5pm, 5 days per week as an eyelash extension technician.


That’s 8 hours per day – 1 hour lunch break = 7 hours per day.

Classic lashes- 

In 7 hours you can complete 4 full sets of lashes and 2 x 30 minute infills.

4 x £55 = £220 

2 x £19= £38

£220 + £38= £258 

That’s £258 per day! £258 x 5 days per week = £1290 per week. 

£1290 per week x 4 (weeks per month) = £5160

£5160 x 12 months = £61920 per year!


Hybrid lashes-

In 7 hours you can complete 3 full sets of lashes and 1 x 45 minute infill and a 15 minute gap per day.

3 x £65 = £195

1 x £30= £30

£195 + £30= £225 

That’s £225 per day! £225 x 5 days per week = £1125 per week. 

£1125 per week x 4 (weeks per month) = £4500

£4500 x 12 months = £54000 per year!


Russian Lashes-

In 7 hours you can complete 2 full sets of lashes and 1 x 1 hour infill.

2 x £75 = £150


1 x £35= £35

£150 + £35= £185 

That’s £185 per day! £185 x 5 days per week = £925 per week. 

£925 per week x 4 (weeks per month) = £3700

£3700 x 12 months = £44,400 per year!


Working out your profits:

You will need to work out how much you’re spending in products. 1 eyelash extension tray can lash approximately 6-12 clients and can cost anything from £4-£20 depending on the quality and brand that you wish to use. You only use around 2 strips of lashes from each tray on each client. 

A Gemini’s Beauty eyelash extension tray costs £11.99 (let’s say £12). 

We charge £55 and use a lash tray for £12 with a total of 12 lines of lash strips. 

You firstly need to work out £12 divided by 12 (the amount of lash strips in the tray) which in this instance is around £1. This means that each strip is worth around £1. 

If you use a total of 2 strips per client (2x£1 = £2) and you charge £55 for the treatment your profit is around £53 per client. 

So we know that you will profit £53 per client. You can then set your eyelash extension prices by calculating your overheads. For example, rent, products & bills. Then work out how many clients you want/need to do to cover just these bills. Eg, if your bills cost £600 per month you will need to complete 12 full sets of individual eyelash extensions per month for £55. However, if you wanted to only complete 10 clients then you would charge £62 per classic set.


As you gain experience you will firstly, gain time- allowing you to reduce your set times, increase clients per day and increase revenue.

Secondly, you start off with classic lashes. Everyone MUST start off with classic lashes which is GREAT because they are they bring in the most money however, Russian and Hybrid lashes are becoming more and more popular with a higher demand so expanding your skill to these areas will create a more diverse skill set for you and potential to attract more clients- allowing you to spread your name, gain a larger clientele and expand your business/brand.

The eyelash extension industry has huge and phenomenal potential which we have already discovered- is only going to grow! 

Get in, start your career, begin building your skill set and clientele NOW!!!





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